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Thursday, June 3, 2010

What people need to know about getting paid to read emails


Like online surveys getting paid to read emails is a tricky process. Most people assume they can earn money without bothering to read the paid emails. Scanning emails is a habit people get into because of all the emails they receive each day filled with advertisements. However, to maximize the amount of money being made and to ensure directions are being followed people need to actually read the emails that are being sent.

Knowing where to look for the links that need to be clicked helps reduce the amount of time spent reading emails. Most advertisers place the paid link in the middle of the email. Links are also placed along the top and bottom of the email, but they can be ignored. Finding the paid link is only the first step to getting paid to read emails. Reading the entire emails will provide the rest of the direction to follow in order to get paid.

Paid emails often contain good keywords and bad keywords. To get paid to read the email the bad keywords must be avoided. Never click on the bad keywords. Clicking on the bad keywords gets a member deleted from the system. Examples of bad keywords would be “I Cheat” or “I don’t read English” among many others.

Cheat links are often placed throughout the email, so be on the lookout for them. Filters can filter out the cheat links, but sometimes links sneak through the filters. Reading the subject line of an email is a great way to determine what needs to be done.

Paid emails often require members to click a link and wait for a timer to go off. The timer ensures that the reader spent time at the website before getting paid. Other paid emails require members to do a simple search.

Performing an email search is simple. Members simply need to click on any link that loaded on the website. Clicking the link will take members to another section of the website, which is an easy way to search through a website. Other emails require members to use the search box provided on their website. To perform a search this way type a word in the search box, wait for the results to load and then click a link that goes to another page. offers members a chance to get paid to read emails as well as the opportunity to get paid to take surveys. All a person has to do is become a member of

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Little Help For Online Job-Seekers


There are an estimated 1,355,110,631 internet users as of May 2008 and that number is growing by the second! With that, you can be certain that there are absolutely a hundred ways to make money and achieve success online. But surely, you cannot just be successful over night when you want to. They say that a successful person knows when to ask for help. And online business is not an exemption to this strategy.

You can find a thousand e-books about self-improvement, success, and money-making. Most authors have put together integrated formula based on their own experiences and all the other sources they’ve captured. These books can be of great help if you want to succeed online. Some of them are for free so you can download them anytime without investing a single dime on it. Just make sure that before you sit and read any book, check the comments about the book first. Time is gold and you have to make sure it is worth wasting your gold on it.

One of the ways to earn online is to write an e-book. Some people will sell their e-books for a minimum amount, others may just give it away for free to get traffic for their site or affiliate links. Selling it in a minimum amount doesn’t put you in any disadvantage since you did not invest a fortune on it so there is absolutely no loss at all.

Once you’ve released your e-book, the income or benefit doesn’t end there. You can always dissect the contents of your e-book to make 10-20 articles out of it. All you need to do is to collate the data, make a good first and last paragraph, and you’ve already got yourself 10-20 nice articles. Or you can also do it the other way around. You can write one article at a time. You can write different topics under the same niche; and before you know it, you’ve already got yourself an e-book.

Getting help through partnership is never out of style. It is also one of the ways for you to succeed online. Like an actor needs an agent, you also need to have a partner; someone who can either teach you or learn with you. The bottom point is- two heads are always better than one. You can always talk and share about what you know, compare which one has the better idea and strategy, and then you can also divide the efforts so it’s less hassle for both of you. Fifty-fifty in everything! This always works as long as you can trust your partner and you can get along with each other.

Other online jobs available for job-seekers like you are read emails to get paid, answering paid online surveys, online typing jobs, online product testing, blogging, article writing, web designing and a who lot more. If you’re thinking about giving online business a try, you can get some help in They have a handful of online opportunities available for online jobseekers like you. Goodluck!

Can you really get paid to read emails?


Everyone has heard about getting paid to take online surveys. Not everybody has heard about getting paid to read emails though. Getting paid to read emails is just as real as getting paid to take online surveys.

Not only can people get paid to read emails they can also get paid to click on advertisements or reading websites. People can also get paid to try products. Getting paid to do all of this stuff simply requires knowing where to go. is one of the leading websites for market research. requires members to register for the site so they can receive invitations to a variety of programs from different advertisers. The more information a member provides in their profile the more chances of making money that member will have. More information means more potential match ups with advertisers. offers a variety of programs to their members. Each of these programs offers a cash incentive so members can make a little bit of extra money each month. The paid surveys program is the most popular among members, but getting paid to read emails is also quite popular. Members of can even refer friends and family members to earn some extra cash.

Referring friends and family members to is easy; members simply use the affiliate link inside the member account under the “Referral Section.” Referring friends and family members to can earn members an extra 41%. Members receive a portion of the income that their referrals earn. A direct referral earns a member 20% of that person’s earnings. An indirect referral earns a member 10% of the person’s earnings. The percentage goes down as the referral level gets larger.

Using to get paid to read emails requires a little bit of work. Getting paid to read emails is not as simple as registering with the site and clicking on a few links, although that is the basics. To get paid to read emails a member must click on a link inside the email, which will take them to a certain website. After clicking the link the member will be directed to a specific website.

Once a member reaches the website a timer starts counting down. Members are not paid for reading the email unless the timer reaches zero, most timers last anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds. If no timer is noticeable, browse through the website for about a minute to allow the timer a chance to run down.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Everything You Need To Know About Money-Making Online


You have probably seen so many “making-money online” sites. Some of them seem wonderful, some seem bogus, and generally, most of them are too good to be true. There are perhaps some which you can not rely on- but mind you, making money online is working and it’s true!

Many of you may have encountered and tried many of these sites. Perhaps, more than half of those sites did not work; time and effort spent were put to vain. And then, you stopped trying and thought of it to be something to be put in oblivion. But then, money making online should beckon it’s light on you again after you’ve read this. “You can always try it again until it works.”

If you are just starting, you should be aware that fake online survey websites promise to pay you more money for the very little time that you spend on their questionnaires. Remember, money is hard to earn nowadays so don’t expect to just earn money the easiest way. There is a difference between little effort and no effort at all.

And now, let’s go to the main part- read and get paid is one of the easiest ways to make money off the internet. All you need to do is to join sites where members read and get paid. Remember, these are free memberships and advertisers will send you emails everyday and all you need to do is read them and share what they have to offer to your friends. As per latest research done, companies found out that most of the people learned and shared new things online already. So they are willing to impart a portion of their investment to you just to grab a world wide web exposure and hopefully, cover many areas and a wider population.

The money you’re gonna get depends also on how many emails you get to read. Most payments vary from $.20-$50.00. Rates and mode of payments also vary from company to company. Aside from the read and get paid, you can also earn money by completing some legitimate paid survey. This process should take time as you have to give them valuable responses which should be worth their money. Generally, you can earn from $5-$75 per survey. The more time you invest on these surveys, the more money you stand to get paid. The best way to find the best paying company is to take some time and search on the internet and scrutinize them one by one by signing up and trying each one out. To know more about Legitimate Paid Survey, you can go to:

There is always a risk in everything we do. There is no 100% guarantee that everything you see online are legit, and not a waste of time and effort. You might have and will waste more time than you can imagine- but it’ll pay off surely in the right time. You can start your search here at With them you will be able to finally convince yourself that money-making online is too good to be true- but seriously, it’s true!

Paid surveys can they really make you rich?


Want to work from home? Looking to earn enough to replace a full time income? If so paid surveys are not the way to go. Despite what is being said about paid surveys they are not going to make anybody rich.

Paid surveys are a great source of extra income. Paid surveys can increase a person’s earnings by a couple of hundred a month if that person is lucky and dedicated. Even if a person becomes a professional survey taker they will never earn enough to replace a full time job. Professional survey takers often get black listed from the survey websites because they ruin the results of every survey panel they participate in.

Even if people only take the higher paid surveys they will never be able to earn thousands of dollars in a month. Surveys take anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes to complete, which means people would never be able to sleep to do enough surveys to replace a full time income. offers some of the highest paid surveys because they only work with advertisers that offer a high payout. pays anywhere from $.20 to $50 per survey. The majority of surveys they pass out range from $5 to $10. Even if members take three $10 surveys a day they will only make enough money to supplement their income.

No matter what is said members cannot cheat their way through surveys, if they do they are never asked back. Market researchers determine how long a survey should take based on how many questions they ask and the scope of the survey. During the course of the survey members are being timed on each question. Flying through the survey usually means no more surveys. Researchers want honest answers from people who are actually reading the questions. offers members the chance to participate in paid research panels, also called focus groups. Research panels pay more than paid surveys, members can easily make $175 an hour for a research panel. Even if members only partake in research panels they still won’t make thousands of dollars a month. Research panels only take a about an hour, but qualifying for them is really hard. Even if a member meets all of the requirements for a research panel getting more than one in a month is highly unlikely. doesn’t promise members the ability to get rich, but they do provide a great way to earn an extra couple hundred of dollars a month.